Iran Visa | Visa to Iran

In order to travel to Iran for tourism and general purposes you need a tourist visa. There are two types of tourist visa for Iran:

  1. Visa On Arrival (VOA) or Iran airport visa

Most of the travelers can obtain an airport visa. Within this kind of visa, nationals of some countries introduced by ministry of foreign affairs are allowed to get a two-week tourist visa upon their arrival to Iran. The scope and purpose of the visa is to give a number of nationalities to get their visa at the main entrance gateways of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz Kish and Mashahd airport and more recently at a couple southern ports of Iran at the Persian Gulf. It can be extended to other 2 weeks based on the decision of representative of the ministry of foreign affairs.

Documents necessary to get an airport visa are:

  1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. 2 pieces of 1 in 1 inch pictures
  3. A confirmed return ticket
  4. A form that must be completed by the applicant at the airport
  5. Visa fee about 50EURO for the holder of passport and 10EURO for each one of the companions
  6. Standard Tourist Visa

Another kind of visa (tourist visa) will be issued for other nationalities including:


This visa is issued ahead of your travel date and you receive it at one of Iran’s embassies, consulates or mailed to you before your planned departure to Iran. To get this visa a sponsor in Iran must provide a letter of invitation which is normally a tour operating agency. As soon as we receive your request, you have to prepare some documents: the online visa request form prepared in our website, a copy of your passport in full page with at least 6 months validity and short resume of yourself.

After submitting these documents to us, we prepare some other documents as your sponsor and then we send all to Ministry of foreign affairs. Generally needed time for this process is between 2 weeks, except American, British & Canadian nationalities that need a few more time up to 30 days.

After we get your authorization number, we send it for you. You may then proceed to the selected Iran embassy, complete some other paperwork such as a visa collection form, deliver 2 pictures (1 in 1 inch) and your original passport and collect your visa.




. Although we do our best to keep the information of site up to date, but, Please Note that these regulations are changed. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us for checking them.

. Only travelers, who want to visit Iran for tourist purposes, can get airport visa.

. Those travelers whose applications have been rejected can’t get airport visa.

. The visa authorization number is valid only in the consulate you have selected in your application form and couldn’t be changed. So, please select your preferred Iran embassy carefully.

. This issued number is just an “authorization” and means that your visa has been authorized and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but it is not the visa itself.

. Except citizens of Israel, all nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran.

Visa for American nationals:

There are some particular regulations for visa issuance of American passport holders. The American nationals will be accepted in the context of guided tour. I.E. Americans are required to travel on guided tour, private tour that would be designed based on their preference or as a part of a bigger group. The important point is that they must have an exact itinerary.