Shiraz – Vakil Collection

Shiraz – Vakil Collection

Shiraz: Vakil Collection


Karim khan zand reigned in Iran from year 1172 to 1193, and because its capital was Shiraz city, he built a lot of constructions that are famous as Vakil Constructions. It included mosque, bazaar, bathroom, cistern and etc.

Vakil mosque:

This mosque has a large courtyard with the size of sixty meters and it has a luxurious and spacious porch. In the north of the porch, there’s a long and beautiful floor decorated with tiles that is known as pearl arch. This mosque consists of beautiful mosaic tiles with floral arabesques and various inscriptions. These mosaics were formed from Fath Ali Shah Qajar period and were repaired after the earthquake.

Bazaar Vakil:

This bazaar is located next to the Vakil mosque which is involved a series of market on one side of the north-south and east-west. In additions to the beautiful features of this market, it has wide and high arches that are important in terms of architecture. This bazaar also includes many large homes.

Vakil bathroom:

This bathroom is located in the north of cistern and west of Vakil mosque and it is decorated with tiles which are related to Qajar period and it has sixteen small and large arches and a central dome.



Vakil Cistern:

This water storage is located behind Vakil bathroom and it has a great and profound source.