Tour Details

“10 days in 4 town itinerary”

Day 1:

*Arrival to Imam Airport and transfer to Mehr Abad Airport for fighting to Shiraz

*Check into Great Shiraz Hotel

Day 2:

*Visit to Persepolis and Naghshe Rostam

*Return to Shiraz Great hotel

Day 3:

*Departure for Yazd

*Visit to Pasargadae

*Stay at Yazd Dad hotel

Day 4:

*Visit to Atashkade, sokut tower, Amir Chakhmaq Square and old places in Yazd

*Return to Yazd Dad hotel

Day 5:

*Departure to Isfahan

*Visit to Jameh mosque, Naeen Tabatabaee house, Siosepol Bridge

*Stay at Kosar Isfahan hotel

Day 6:

*Visit to Imam Square (Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotf-o-Allah and Alighapoo)

*Visit to Khajoo bridge and return to Kosar Isfahan hotel

Day 7:

*Visit to Chehel Sotun, Jameh Square, Vank Church

*Return to Kosar Isfahan hotel

Day 8:

*Departure for Tehran

*Visit to Abiyaneh village

*Stay at Firdausi Tehran hotel

Day 9:

*Visit to Golestan Palace, Javaherat museum and Tehran Bazaar

*Return to Firdausi Tehran Hotel


*9 nights staying at the mentioned hotel

*VIP bus

* An English tour guide with food and accommodation

*Paying for the attraction Entrance

 *Guarantee for hotels



Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 9 Days
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz

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